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Two Networks - Perfect for Start-ups
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10 social posts per month
2 custom images per month
1 boosted post
Boosted post comment monitoring
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Three Networks - Perfect for active companies
Billed monthly
Everything from Seedling plus:
30 social posts per month
10 custom images per month
4 Boosted Posts
Daily comment monitoring
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Four Networks
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Everything from Grow plus:
Custom Posts per month
4+ Networks
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Improve Brand Awarenessthrough Social Media Management

It is no secret that social media is a powerful outreach tool. In fact, 91 percent of marketers indicate that social media is important to their business, and 77 percent of marketers say they saw increased traffic due to their social media efforts in 2016. However, many businesses still struggle with how to best use social media to improve their brand awareness and engagement.

Social Media has become so large that companies now have dedicated staff members in their Marketing departments that handle their social media strategies and campaigns. Sometimes, that can makes things more challenging for the small business owner that may not have large teams to handle their social media presence. In those instances, we recommend using a social media agency to help manage your social media strategy and campaigns.

There are a few key factors to consider when trying to improve your brand's visibility on social media. A few strategies we like to see implemented are;

Complete & Update Profile. It's important to make sure that all available fields are completed, ensuring that you add a profile photo, cover photo, and complete a compelling bio, with good keywords so people can find you. By keeping these details updated often, you can highlight specials, your website, or other compelling details about your business or brand.

Regularly Posting & Engaging. Customers like to see consistent posts, regularly, from business, to know that they are active on social media. Engaging with these posts, by liking and commenting on your followers posts, and comments on your posts, lets your customers know that you're attentive to social media as well. Not able to post for a while? Even notifying your audience that you're taking a small break can be very important.

Use Paid Advertising. In today's realm of social media, it's more of a pay-to-play environment, where you'll want to try to increase traffic to your social media pages and ultimately, your website. By using social media advertising, you can target specific demographics and interests, to ensure you're reaching your ideal audience.

These are just a few of the basic strategies that you should be implementing with your social media campaigns. You can really increase your brand awareness through social media, so long as you're consistently creating and posting engaging content that your audience will love. Considering social media advertising as a strategy can only help propel your brand further amongst all of the other profiles on the Internet.

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Your Investment

Monthly Management Costs
$499.99 / month
$999.99 / month
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Minimum Boosted Posts Ad Spend
$100 - $200
Paid directly to networks
$200 - $400
Paid directly to networks
$300 - $600
Paid directly to networks

Content Features

# of Posts / Month
10 posts
30 posts
Custom - Call to learn more
# Custom Images / Month
Up to 2 / month
+ 20% of ad-spend
Up to 10 / month
Custom Amount
# Boosted Posts / Month
Up to 1
Up to 4
Custom Amount
Social Media Marketing Strategies
Minimal Strategy Support
Social Media Competitive Anlaysis
Social Media Brand Reputation Analysis

Management Deliverables

Daily Monitoring of Posted Social Assets
Monitoring of Boosted Posts
Monitoring of Posts Comments
Monitoring of Boosted Comments
$99.99 / month
Mon., Wed., Fri.
Cover Photo / Profile Photo Design & Optimization
1-1 Consultations / Month

Performance Reporting

Monthly Performance & Analysis Reporting
Social Media Audits & Recommendations

Why Partner with A  Social Media Management Agency?

A social media agency can boost brand awareness and help with social media campaigns to increase growth and business for a company. Social media can be an effective way to connect with customers, share information, and build relationships. There are various strategies that businesses can use to achieve success on social media, and an agency can help create a plan that is tailored to the brand and its needs.

There are more than three billion people using social media, and it's becoming a go to channel for increasing brand awareness, seasonal sales, and brand validity. Social media services, like the ones from SBG, can help in:

- Building and implementing a sound social media marketing strategy
- Develop, write, and schedule a social media calendar
- Respond to social media comments, messages, and more
- Measure social media performances for key performance indicators
- Focus on results-producing metrics, such as lead capture
- Access to your own client portal where you can collaborate with SBG on your social media strategies and campaigns

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we're prepared to handle everything you need to help your social media become successful. We offer a full-suite of a package that is tailored to your business. Included with our social media management solutions are:

- Custom-curated social media posts
- Cover & profile photo design
- Social Media Network Setup and Optimization
- Boosted Post Ad Management
- Daily Social Media Monitoring
- Monthly consultations
- Monthly Reports

Regardless of if you're looking for copy for your ad campaigns or custom graphic design to make your posts original, we have a complete and affordable social media marketing solution for you.

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Grow your Revenue with Social Media Advertising.

Social media advertising services are a critical part of social strategy for businesses and brands. Learn more about our social media advertizing management solutions.

FAQ's: Social Media Management

What are social media management services?
Social Media Management services are services offered by a digital marketing agency or freelancer, where your social media presence is managed. Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a few examples of the types of networks typically managed. Sometimes Social Media Management can include marketing and advertising your business or brand on social media. 
What are social media advertising services?
It is no secret that social media platforms are excellent tools for advertising. However, many businesses do not have the time or resources to develop and execute a social media advertising campaign on their own. That's where social media advertising services come in.

These services offer businesses a variety of options for promoting their products or services through social media channels. Typically, the services will help businesses create and design ad campaigns, target specific demographics, and track the results of the campaigns. This allows businesses to focus on other aspects of their business while still achieving success with their social media marketing efforts.

There are a number of social media advertising services available, so it is important to do your research before selecting one. Make sure you select a service that has a good reputation and that offers all the services you need.
How is social media marketing different from digital marketing?
Social Media marketing primarily focuses on marketing via social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Whereas digital marketing strategies will focus on various channels, which may also include social media marketing. 
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