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We create video content that your learners can access on-the-go and engage with at their leisure.
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Your traditional training morphed into alluring video content, accessible anywhere, anytime.

Stay relevant with video learning, that is 100% curated for your audience. With technology at our fingertips, and video content continuing to rise, learners want to receive their training in short and concise, easily digestible formats, like videos. When you choose to partner with Stratford Berkshire, we'll collaborate with you, to ensure your brand and vision shines through, while the content remains memorable.
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Video Learning is Critical in 2022 and Beyond

Learning through video content is here to stay. Here's how we can help.
Stratford Berkshire creates video-based learning strategies as an instructional method to deliver important, complex, training materials to your learners. Each learning material is 100% custom-curated to match your business and your learners. 
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Mobile learning is an excellent way to have your employees or customers learn important information on the go, using their smart-phones, or tablets. You'd think that all eLearning content was made for mobile - but the truth is most eLearning is made for the web, which makes mobile learning a whole separate category. Interested in learning more? Tap that button below.

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Video Learning

Video-based learning is an instructional strategy that uses video recordings to deliver content. This type of learning has become increasingly popular in recent years because it can provide a more engaging and effective learning experience than traditional methods. With over 100 million users on YouTube daily, and other mediums, like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook offering mediums such as video to deliver content, it's pretty safe to say that video content is here to stay!

One of the key benefits of video-based learning is that it can reduce cognitive load. This occurs when the brain is overloaded with information, which can lead to decreased comprehension and recall. By presenting content in video form, instructors can help to reduce cognitive load and improve learners’ understanding and memory retention. This is very beneficial when trying to share information to your learners, quickly.

Additionally, video-based learning can be a more effective way to learn complex topics. Due to the nature of videos, learners are able to see and hear the information being presented, which can help them to better understand the material. Instructors can use videos to provide additional explanations and demonstrations, which can further improve learners’ understanding.

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View our Captivating Video Learning Creations 

View some of our video content that has been created for either the purposes of learning, or entertainment.

Gorgeous Gourmand

Gorgeous Gourmand is a recipe-based blog website that focuses on offering paid one-on-one cooking lessons, and access to custom cooking videos online.

Heart Zones

A fitness tech company that partnered with Stratford Berkshire to film, edit, and publish videos for their website and social media, so that rich content can improve their SEO.

Level Up Lab Training

A lab training company in Colorado that partnered with Stratford Berkshire to help with taking their in-person training to an online solution, helping expand their customer base.
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