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Simulation e-Learning

Simulate your software, various scenarios, or specific types of training so your learners will learn by doing.
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Engage your learners by simulating real operational systems in a virtual environment.

Employees learn best when it's fun and engaging. Simulation eLearning is exactly that - fun and engaging. We'll take your highly curated technical processes and systems and develop creative, yet, engaging content that is delivered in a fun way to your employees. From virtual reality, to gamification, there are many options available that meet your business' requirements. Your employees will maintain the knowledge better, and can access their training at any time. It's a win-win.
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Simulation eLearning: Learn By Doing

Simulation-based eLearning is an approach to learning that allows learners to explore real-world scenarios and problems. These scenarios are not possible or safe to recreate in a traditional classroom setting. In a simulation, learners can experiment with different solutions and receive instant feedback on the results of their actions. This type of learning allows for discovery-based learning, which is a more effective way for learners to learn than traditional instruction methods. Additionally, simulation-based eLearning can help learners develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. 
Software Simulation
Simulate your software and tools in a virtual environment for your employees to learn at their own pace.
Operational Simulation
Simulate customer service scenarios, or operational processes in a virtual environment for employees.

Need Bite-Sized Learning?

Mobile learning is an excellent way to have your employees or customers learn important information on the go, using their smart-phones, or tablets. You'd think that all eLearning content was made for mobile - but the truth is most eLearning is made for the web, which makes mobile learning a whole separate category. Interested in learning more? Tap that button below.

How Can SBG Help You Integrate Simulation eLearning In Your Corporate Training Strategy?

Simulate real life scenarios. Simulation-based eLearning is a great way to simulate real-life scenarios, without any real-life consequences. Learners can experience situations, tools, or software in a simulated environment that mirrors the real world. This is a powerful method to prepare learners to apply what they've learned in their work.

Learn from your mistakes. Simulation-based eLearning gives learners an opportunity re-do lessons and try out various scenarios, in a simulated environment. This is beneficial for learners, because they have a safe, and controlled environment to make mistakes and learn from there.

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