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The native wolf symbol represents loyalty, strong family ties, good communication, education, understanding, and intelligence.

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Wolves share many traits with our beloved dogs; loyal hard workers who thrive in packs - yet wolves have never been leashed and are still connected to the innate instinct that flows through each of us if we but allowed ourselves to listen. Despite the fierceness, wolves are social, warm and highly intelligent animals that thrive in sync with the seasons. Wolves have also been linked to the moon across the ages, both representing the true wildness within us all.
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We deliver results-based, omni-channel marketing solutions for businesses.

Established in 2016, Stratford Berkshire Group has been committed to helping businesses and brands across the world gain a competitive edge through a suite of comprehensive of marketing solutions. We've seen the complexities of running a business, and wanted to find a way to help companies succeed,  focusing on areas that we've become experts in throughout our individual careers.

SBG started with a young business professional, simply interested in helping companies streamline their on-boarding process with eLearning. That very quickly grew into becoming a full-service digital marketing and eLearning agency that supports hundreds of companies and brands throughout the world. We work with businesses of all sizes - from start ups to large franchises - in most industries and niches.
Our office is located at:
9145 E. Kenyon Ave. Suite 100, Denver, CO 80237
Here are a few of the client's we've had the pleasure to work with:

Why Choose SBG as your Marketing Partner?

SBG is a results-driven marketing, printing and eLearning agency, helping companies with employee learning, website design, pay per click advertising, and other critical business and branding needs.
20+ Years of Experience
Trust the professionals that have been in the industry for more than 20 years, building websites, eLearning programs for companies, pay-per-click campaigns, sales strategies, videography, and other digital operations. We're passionate experts that enjoy partnering with companies and seeing them grow!
Honest & Ethical
We get it - in business, there can be a lot of shady people out there. At SBG, we're transparent, and hold ourselves to ethical standards that aren't typical in today's market. We put our customers first, and try to over-deliver on every project!
Complete Reporting
We're a data-driven, results-oriented business. Without knowing what's going on with your numbers, you won't be confident in what's going on with your business. We provide complete reports and analytics across all recurring service offerings.
Full Support Team
Once you've decided to partner with us for your next project, we'll give you access to your own portal, to keep track of your project(s), access knowledge bases to know how to utilize your services, access our support team, and a whole lot more!

Our Results-Driven Solutions

We take a collaborative approach when working with you and your business.

Digital Marketing

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eLearning Dev.

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Screenshots of Super Dope Sweets Mobile UI built by SBG

Marketing Experts A Click Away.

Stratford Berkshire has been helping businesses with their digital marketing needs since the early 2000's. By using a strategy-first approach, we can ensure real, tangible results.
How We work

View our beautiful WordPress Website Creations 

View some of our beautiful, responsive, well-optimized, custom-built WordPress Website creations.

Nationwide Bus

A leader in charter bus rentals; SBG built Nationwide Bus Charter's website on a WordPress platform, with the ability to handle online quotes and bookings.
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Elevated Oil

A CBD company that hired SBG to build a WordPress website with WooCommerce functionality, to allow customers to purchase products directly online.
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Kaori Agency

A social media and brand development agency that hired SBG to design a website that would highlight their portfolio to increase brand awareness.
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Custom eLearning

that empowers employees

eLearning is the use of technology to deliver educational content to a group or individual. It can be delivered through websites, mobile devices, VR, software programs and more.
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eLearning, or online learning, is a type of learning format that typically takes place online. This type of computer-based instruction can be delivered through websites, mobile devices, VR, software programs, or even used in traditional classrooms. eLearning can be used for a variety of purposes, such as training employees, providing educational resources to the public, and improving customer service. eLearning can be a preferred method of training because it gives learners and opportunity to learn at their own pace and within their own schedule.

At Stratford Berkshire Group, we develop and design custom elearning that is 100% tailored to your businesses' needs. We support the need for custom eLearning to handle sales onboarding, employee orientation, and ongoing knowledge retention training. eLearning is an excellent way for your learners to have control over the pace of their learning and gives them more control over how they learn.

We want your learners to connect with your eLearning material, and we maintain that by reflecting your brand throughout the design of your eLearning content. We also recognize the importance of improving your learner's performance through knowledge retention, and enhance their learning experience thought he use of interactive and engaging material. eLearning platforms can also enhance your company's culture, offering another medium for your learners to share thoughts and ideas, receive important messages, and keep track of their performance.

Custom eLearning doesn't' have to just stop at being delivered through the use of a website / browser. eLearning has come such a long way, that there are now various methods of engaging your learners. From gamification to mobile learning, we have innovate solutions to transform your organization.

View Our Custom eLearning Creations

View some of our beautiful, custom eLearning creations for various companies.

US Coachways

A national ground transportation leader, needing to onboard their new sales employees more quickly. SBG built custom eLearning for their sales team.  
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Level Up Lab Training

A lab training business that needed a way to expand their courses online while collecting payments and building an online community.
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Gorgeous Gourmand

A social media chef that wanted to offer premium recipes with videos to her client base for a fee. SBG built an entire platform for Gorgeous Gourmand.
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