Super Dope Sweets

Learn how we helped this small cottage-foods business take online orders.

About Super Dope Sweets

Super Dope Sweets is a small home bakery based in Brighton, Colorado. This home-chef wanted to have an easy way for customers in her community to know when their sweet treats were available for sale, and to allow customers to place an order online, and even pay directly online. Sometimes, Super Dope Sweets would do pop-ups, or attend local farmer's markets, and their customers wanted to know when and where they would be, so they could buy fresh desserts. 

Services Provided

  • Website Design & Development
  • Booking & Payment integration
  • Business Automation
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Graphic design
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The Challenge

Super Dope Sweets was interested in having a way for customers to view their menu, place an order online, and announce when and where they were holding pop-up events or attending farmers markets, and the option to even place an order through an app. In addition to these features, Super Dope Sweets was also interested in creating a seamless experience for their customers, by having transactional emails sent regarding their order and account, text message notifications, and to offer various ways to capture leads, through a form, and through a chat bot.  

Business Impact

SBG built and designed a custom website using our Express Website Design services, in a bright and colorful tone, to match Chef Ramsey's personality! This website build was completed within one week. By partnering with SBG, Super Dope Sweets received:

- A customized-built website, domain, and SSL encrypted
- A website score that ranks A+ on GT Metrix
- SEO Content optimized for Denver, Colorado
- Embedded Stripe for payments
- Embedded chat bot for lead capture and order taking
- Automation for transactional emails & email marketing 

Super Dope Sweets

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The Details

Super Dope Sweets was looking for a fun, yet capturing color-scheme, that would be enticing for those looking to fulfill a sweet-tooth. With favorite colors being among pink and purple, we decided to use a fuchsia type color scheme to match the fun vibe that Super Dope Sweets was looking for. Additionally, Super Dope Sweets wanted the branding to be easily legible, as most bakeries tend to use cursive fonts.


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Design Elements

desktop UI/UX

SBG's screenshots of Super Dope Sweets Desktop UI

mobile UI/UX

Screenshots of Super Dope Sweets Mobile UI built by SBG

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