Nationwide Bus Charter

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About Nationwide Bus Charter

Nationwide Bus Charter is a leader in the ground transportation industry in the United States. They offer charter bus transportation in the form of charter buses, mini buses, limousines, party buses, and even luxury cars and sedans. Nationwide Bus Charter, in some ways, operates as a middle-man, and therefore, has two aspects of their business - their customers, and their vendors. The owner of NBC knew that the key to success with this industry would be to have a strong online presence, and to have the ability to capture leads, and have a customer go through a full sales lifecycle. While still, in some ways, in their infancy stages, Nationwide Bus Charter quickly became one of the nation's most trusted, and most used, charter bus rental companies, with a major function of brand awareness and growth occurring through the website develop, PPC, SEO, and SEM strategies, implemented by Stratford Berkshire Group. 

Services Provided

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Content Marketing
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The Challenge

Nationwide Bus Charter truly started in 2020, as just a concept. The owner of NBC knew that to get started, it would be important to have a strong digital marketing backing. Everything began from inception with this company. 

Business Impact

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Nationwide Bus Charter Website

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The Details

Nationwide Bus Charter decided on having colors of black and yellow at the time of their inception, and knew that they wanted a bus in their logo. A family friend supplied an illustration of a bus, and asked SBG to work with that to begin the brand recognition of this compayn. 


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