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Learn how we streamlined their sales onboarding through eLearning.

About US Coachways

US Coachways is one of the nation's largest and most trusted ground transportation companies based in Staten Island, New York. Every year, they help thousands of companies and people get to and from their destinations and events via private charter. They focus on charter bus transportation, bus wrapping, and logistics management. US Coachways employs hundreds of people, and to keep up with regulations and laws, their training is an ongoing aspect of their business. Employees needed to be trained regularly, and provided updates on new regulations often.

Services Provided

  • eLearning - custom
  • Blended learning materials
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
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The Challenge

US Coachways often promoted from within, which is why their sales turnover rate was so high. As a result of a higher sales team turnover rate, US Coachways needed to find a way to reduce the amount of time their sales management was spending training new hires. By taking the time to manually train these new-hires, the sales management team struggled with balancing all of their responsibilities, and often times, sales team members were confused on procesesses. The management staff relied on sending out numerous emails to remind thier sales team of what to do. 

Business Impact

SBG implemented a custom eLearning solution for US Coachways that would allow their business to hire new sales employees, and give the employees the power to train at their own pace in their own time. Using eLearning tactics like simulation, to simulate the software they used on the back-end, and reviewing custom scripts, as well as developing quizzes and exams that would determine if their new hire retained the most pertetinant details. This also allowed employees to review important information, and re-review lessons if they have not had to experience those secnarios in a while. The new sales onboarding, proved to be a more effective model to bring on new hires at US Coachways.

US Coachways University

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US Coachways already had a well-established brand, and we did not want to disturb that in any way. However, with the new eLearning solution, there was a new back-end portal for employees to access their eLearning content. This was to be designed as their "university", which required the addition of that label to their titles. SBG built the eLearning solution on the Moodle Platform using Google's Dev. The following are the branding details used to unify the look of the university.


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Design Elements

Our approach was fairly simple. We wanted to makes sure that the eLearning content provided was easy to use and follow, easy to understand, and easy to engage. Our design elements included the provided graphic work from US Coachways, along with our own use of tools to make it personable for their employees.

desktop UI/UX

mobile UI/UX

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