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About Sports Travel Team

Sports Travel team is a travel consultant company that focuses on helping sports team travel to and form their games together, using coach buses, and gathering discounted hotel rates. They also act as a logistics management company for these sports teams. They are a small organization based in New Jersey, and offer this niche service to sports teams only. They work with local charter bus companies and hotels to secure discounts, transportation, and lodging for these sports teams, and will ensure that all affairs are in order. 

Services Provided

  • Website Design - Elementor
  • Lead Collection
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Logo Design
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The Challenge

Sports Travel Team wanted did not have a website or any formal way for their current and prospective customers to contact them or find out about them. They were interested in finding a way for sports teams to find them, learn more about their services, and leave details about their team and their team's needs. They also wanted to make sure some of their links went to their partners / vendors, for ease of use for their customers. 

Business Impact

SBG created a website that is fast, easy to use, and basic through the plugin, Elementor. We learned that Sports Travel Team wanted to have access to make updates to their websites for blogging and news related information. By using Elementor, we were able to have a more friendly UI for this company to review their website and make changes. Elementor also enabled faster loading times for this page .

Sports Travel Team Website

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The Details

Sports Travel Team knew that they wanted to have a website with their theme colors of blue and yellow, and were okay with additional colors being added. They did not have a logo they regularly used, so they used SBG's services to create a logo for them, that was generic, but showed strength and power. SBG used their current colors, word logo design, and other details to put together the below branding.


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desktop UI/UX

mobile UI/UX

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