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About Ms. Janeen Tutoring

Ms. Janeen Tutoring is owned and operated by Janeen Wilmot, a Florida certified teacher that decided to offer her services and tutor young students that were struggling, or desired to expand their skillset. Due to popular demand of her services, she was interested in creating an informative website that would give parents the information they needed to know about her tutoring services. Ms. Janeen has a busy schedule herself, with raising two young children of her own, and opted to outsource her website design needs to Stratford Berkshire Group, striking up an excellent business partnership for digital marketing solutions. 

Services Provided

  • Express Website Design
  • Booking & Payment integration
  • Business Automation
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Graphic design
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The Challenge

Ms. Janeen Tutoring started a word-of-mouth tutoring service for children in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area. Her tutoring services were growing quickly, and she did not have a structure to help parents enroll their child in a tutoring lesson with her. Initially, she came to SBG with an interest in building a simple, one-page website, that would allow the parent to know how to get in touch to enroll their child. SBG conducted a discovery call, and after understanding Janeen's needs, we were able to implement a solution that offered more than just information.

Business Impact

SBG designed a beautiful, fast, one-page website that was simple and easy for parents to use, with the ability to schedule their child for tutoring, and pay for the lesson in advance. By partnering with SBG, Janeen received:

- A personalized website and domain, SSL encrypted
- A website score that ranked A+ on GTMetrix
- SEO content optimized for the local region of Miami, Florida
- An embedded calendar for bookings and payment acceptance with PayPal
- A contact us form that allows parents to inquire further / capture leads

Ms. Janeen Tutoring Website

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Ms. Janeen did not have any branding in mind. As such, SBG wanted to keep things simple. We created a simple word-based logo, with a brandmark of a string of children, to make it easily identifiable that this was a tutoring service business. The fonts selected were modern, yet playful. The colors chosen were to be all-inclusive and friendly towards parents. 


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desktop UI/UX

mobile UI/UX

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