Elevated Oil

Learn about how we transformed this CBD company's online presence.

About Elevated Oil

Elevated Oil is a Colorado based CBD and hemp derived business that started in 2020 during the pandemic. The owner of Elevated Oil is a Chemist, with a passion to produce products that were safe for consumers to inhale or ingest. Elevated Oil now sells one of the cleanest products on the market, and sells everything from hemp-derived vape cartridges, to D8 gummies, to bulk raw hemp-derived products. With a end-product in mind, Stratford Berkshire was able to help design a brand that resonated with Elevated Oil's target market, and crafted a website that allowed their customers to purchase their product with ease. Learn more about this amazing company by visiting their website!

Services Provided

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Ordering & Payment integration
  • Business Automation
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Graphic design
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The Challenge

Elevated Oil had a production of their high-quality products already ready to sell to the public, but did not have a way to reach their audience, without a website, or a logo or brand, or any online presence. They were interested in finding a way to reach the general public, and to gain the trust of their target audience. 

Business Impact

After speaking in depth with Elevated Oil about the products they wanted to offer to the public, and the message they wanted to put behind it, we were able to develop a complete brand redesign, and designed a beautiful WordPress website that used the user-friendly WooCommerce system to interface as a way to collect payments from their customers. By partnering with Stratford Berkshire, Elevated Oil received:
- A beautifully designed, fast, and SEO ranking WordPress website
- A chat bot to capture leads / sales online
- Integration with WooCommerce, for online order placing
- A new logo and corporate identity package
- Email marketing campaigns
- Web App (In Development)
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The Details

Elevated Oil wanted to use the colors of hemp throughout its brand to represent earthy, grounded tones. With a pop of yellow to demonstrate the hemp oil side of their brand. Stratford Berkshire designed a brand that would speak to their audience. 


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desktop UI/UX

mobile UI/UX

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