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About J & F Tours Transportation

J & F Tours Transportation is a charter bus rental company with two locations, based in Pennsylvania and in New York. J & F Tours Transportation has a large fleet of charter bus vehicles that they use to transport their passengers to and from their destination. The owner of J & F Tours Transportation wanted to have an online web presence, to help customers find them, when searched online. They decided to partner with us for website design and hosting, knowing that we have an expertise in the charter bus rental industry as well.

Services Provided

  • WordPress Website Design
  • Website Maintenance
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The Challenge

J & F Tours and Transportation did not have an online web presence and was interested in having customers have the ability to submit their quote online.

Business Impact

Once Stratford Berkshire began to understand the goal of J & F Tours Transportation's goal of having a website, we got to work. We initially started with gathering information about their business, their logo and color scheme, and what they wanted to evoke. We then put together wire frames, and then designed the theme in WordPress. 


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The Details

J & F Tours Transportation already used a blue and yellow theme for their logo, and their buses. So we simply followed that theme to design their website. Having a cohesive color palette is important to ensure that the user feels that the brand is legitimate and can be trusted.


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desktop UI/UX

mobile UI/UX

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